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Interview questions to ask your potential listing agent

In selling your property, an important step you need to fulfill as a seller is to find a listing agent. Picking a great one comes with a number of perks, such as getting to sell your home for more money in a short span of time. Get the wrong one, and you’ll be in for a stressful home selling process.

The following questions will help you get to know prospective listing agents and pick the right one for your sale.

  1. “What are your credentials?”

    Experienced real estate agents with a bevy of accreditations, licenses, and additional training are not shy in stating their credentials. After all, these factors reflect their years and experience in selling homes. At the very least, the listing agent you pick should be a member of the local real estate trade association and/or the National Association of Realtors®. The former means the agent has access to the multiple listing service (MLS), while the latter indicates he or she follows a strict code of ethics and has received additional training.

  2. “Do you have a team of agents?”

    You can either work with one specific listing agent only or sell your home with an agent and his or her team. By asking this question, you’ll be able to weigh each option carefully. On one hand, working with one agent allows you to have specific requests entertained. This might not be the case if you work with a bigger team. Consider your needs to determine whether you prefer working with a solo agent or a real estate team.

  3. “What are the neighborhoods you specialize in?”

    Hire a listing agent that understands the in and out of the neighborhood where your property is located. The location plays a big factor in selling a property to the point that it affects its value and listing price. You’ll want a listing agent who knows the market and any current or future developments in the area. This way, he or she can determine the right time to sell your home and use the location to your advantage.

  4. “How was your sales performance last year?”

    Although home sales can be affected by a number of outlying factors such as interest rate hikes and other market conditions, it’s nice to know a prospective listing agent’s track record in selling homes. Don’t just ask about how many sales were closed last year; ask about the price range as well. It’s wise to hire a real estate agent who has had experience selling homes that are similar to your property.

  5. “How much will it cost me to sell my home?”

    Before you jump into the whole home selling experience, it would be extremely helpful to have a clear idea of how much it costs to sell the home. Ask about all the costs you’ll shoulder in the process, such as the commission and closing fees, so you can compare prices and plan ahead more effectively.

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